Letter Block Frame

Letter Block Frame

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  • Customizable to any message, words or numbers 
  • Black background with white words provides good contrast
  • Comes with several sets of letters and numbers
  • Versatile usage
  • Sturdy and good quality


Do you have a message you want to convey sincerely to your partner? Or are you running a shop and want to display prices or promote your shop name? This customizable letter frame is versatile and can be used for many situations! Black background with white words provides good contrast, making it easy to read. Great for display in shops/ pop-ups or your room! Priced, reasonably, you might as well purchase it - you never know when you might need it! 



  • Length: 26.5cm
  • Height: 26.5cm
  • Width: 4.5cm
  • Material: Heavy duty plastic and felt



 1x white/black felt board

1x set of letters and numbers (there are more vowels included!)