4 Benefits Of Enamel Cookware That Will Convince You To Make The Switch

4 Benefits Of Enamel Cookware That Will Convince You To Make The Switch - Kyndle

Whipping up a meal at home and enjoying the fruits of your labour together with your loved ones is something most Singaporeans relish in; after all, it is no secret that we are foodies.

However, before cooking even starts, choosing the right pots and pans is as important as getting the ingredients stated in the recipe. Your choice of cookware can make or break your end product - imagine searing a salmon steak only to have the skin stick to the pan!

Thankfully, this is when enamel cookware comes into play to save the day or rather, the dish. It refers to pots and pans that are made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel or iron, then coated with porcelain enamel, a type of glass.

Here are the benefits of using enamel cookware that will convince you to make the switch - read to find out more.

  1. Non-stick

    Kyndle Enamel Coated Non-Stick Pans

    Anybody who cooks would understand the struggles of using a pan that sticks to the food; not only does it ruin the dish, but it also makes washing up afterwards a chore. Yet with enamel cookware, there is no need to worry about your dish or scrub till your hands hurt since pots and pans that are coated with porcelain enamel are non-stick! The coating is typically made by baking and glazing natural clay to achieve a low porous finish so that food does not leave behind any stains or residue.

    Apart from allowing easy washing up and better cooking, enamel cookware is also a healthier alternative to Teflon coatings that may start to break down when overheated, releasing toxic chemicals into your food and the air.

  2. Highly durable

    Highly durable enamel cookware singapore

    Enamel cookware combines the heat conduction properties of the metal and the hard coating of porcelain enamel to achieve pots and pans that are highly durable. This means that they are non-stick, stain and scratch-resistant, do not fade or peel (when used properly) and are strong. If you are looking for something that will last you for years to come and withstand your dreams of becoming a seasoned home chef, then enamel cookware is the one to consider.

  3. Aesthetically pleasing

    Aesthetic pleasing enamel cookware singapore

    What is the point in cooking scrumptious meals when there are no opportunities for you to share them with your family and friends? Food brings people together and as a foodie or somebody who loves to cook, you can surely relate. Luckily, enamel cookware comes in various designs and colours that are incredibly aesthetically pleasing so you can use them to serve your guests yummy dishes that are equally presentable.

  4. Holds heat well

    Heat durable enamel cookware singapore

    Most enamel cookware is able to hold heat well which means you will be able to transfer pots and pans into an oven to continue baking or leave them over the stove for longer hours to braise dishes. Nevertheless, always read the instructions for specific enamel cookware on how to use and care for them, as not all of them are suitable to be subjected to high heat as it may risk melting the coating.

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