Kyndle Essential Oils

Essential oils can have various therapeutic uses including its application as an aromatherapy diffuser oil. Homes and offices today are utilising aroma diffuser oil to freshen their indoor air and help the occupants feel relaxed. Here at Kyndle, we offer a curated range of essential oils in Singapore that promises to alleviate your mood. Browse our best selling Signature Hotel Collection essential oils and pure essential oils below to enhance your aromatherapy experience. Click into each scent to learn more about its benefits & ingredients.

Benefits of essential oils

  • Reduced stress and anxiety are two things that essential oils may help with, and these two things are probably what draw most people to aromatherapy diffuser oils. According to studies, breathing lavender essential oil helps reduce anxiety. Further research has shown that incorporating lavender essential oil into massage therapies might assist to lower anxiety levels.
  • Around the world, up to 75% of adults experience headaches, making it one of the most prevalent pain-related health issues. A sizable percentage of adults are affected by migraine, a more severe type of headache. For relief, some folks use pure essential oils like peppermint. When applied to the head and temples, peppermint oil may help reduce headache symptoms, according to reviews.
  • Some people use essential oils to treat nausea brought on by chemotherapy, pregnancy, and indigestion. Examples of pure essential oils that are frequently used for digestive pain are peppermint and ginger. Intestinal muscles are relaxed by peppermint, which also reduces inflammation that makes nausea worse. On the other side, ginger promotes digestion, ensuring that food doesn't sit in your digestive system for too long.
  • According to a review, a significant proportion of women and girls experience menstrual discomfort, with many of them seeking solace in over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. For reducing NSAID use and adverse effects, other holistic methods, including the use of aroma diffuser oil, may provide a safer alternative or supplementary method for alleviating menstruation pain.
  • Your nightly routine may benefit from including a calming essential oil in Singapore to help you manage insomnia. Several healthy substances, including linalool and linalyl acetate, are found in lavender oil. These two substances serve to reduce the activity of the central nervous system, with linalool showing calming properties that help people fall asleep faster.

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