5 Home Essentials That Will Instantly Elevate Your Life

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Our homes are personal spaces that are meant to serve as a place of nourishment and rest. Beyond the big stuff, no home is really complete without a couple of essential household tools and objects to aid us from day to day. And with more people spending an increased amount of time at home, the pleasures of little everyday experiences can make a standard day a little better, without requiring very much effort. This article will cover a list of everyday essentials you should have at home that can enrich and elevate your quality of life.

Wet wipes

Kyndle wet wipes

Wet wipes are one of the most versatile personal hygiene products on the market. Generally made from non-woven materials, wet wipes can be used for cleaning surfaces such as tabletops, door knobs, refrigerators, switchboards, laptops, desktops and even phones. Bear in mind to avoid using the same wet wipe again on another surface once a wet wipe has been used, as doing so could spread germs around your home.

Aroma diffuser

Effective wellness routines are those that can fit easily into your daily life; this is where having an aroma diffuser at home can come in handy in helping to transform your living space into a tranquil nest. An aroma diffuser is a device that has benefits that include keeping the air in a room moist, on top of breaking essential oils down into smaller molecules, and dispersing them into the air for a pleasant or calming effect. It is primarily used to deliver instant aromatherapy to address stress, promote relaxation, enhance sleep, soothe achy joints, and more. Using an aroma diffuser ensures that essential oils retain their effectiveness and quality, allowing you to fully reap all of their benefits.

Foldable, stackable shoe organiser

Having a foldable and stackable shoe organiser is one of the smartest home solutions, allowing you to have your shoes in one dedicated space, and ensuring you spend more time wearing those kicks and less time spent finding them. These stackable shoe organisers are functional and add fantastic versatility, saving space in both your closet and within your home. It comes in very nifty for new BTO Flat owners as well as it is able to fit in tight spaces e.g between the door and gate as well as the riser.


Dinnerware ceramic plate

Dinnerware is often the main attraction of many dining tables, and is much more than just crockery for serving food. Having aesthetically pleasing dinnerware enhances your meals, and also sets the mood for your home dining experiences as well as expresses your personal style. They are great for when you have guests over or just to add a touch of pizzazz to your daily meals.

Enamel cookware

Kyndle enamel cookware

Enamel is smooth, hard, and durable and comes with a formidable barrier ensuring the continued safety and longevity of your kitchenware. Highly stable in terms of its chemical composition, it can be used comfortably on pots and pans without the risk of having a reaction to acidic food, heat, and humidity. Additionally, enamel cookware is also easy to clean, naturally non-stick, and resistant to stains and scratches.

We hope this guide has given you some inspiration on the items to include in your household. There’s no need to wait for vacations or date nights to have amazing experiences - enjoy them every day by elevating your home today. Check out our range of household essentials if you’re ready to start shopping!