5 Tips For Finding The Best & Most Comfortable Diapers For Your Baby

Comfortable baby diapers singapore

Apart from baby wipes, the other essential every new parent needs is baby diapers. Alas, the selection process of newborn diapers only adds to the stress when there are so many options and variations available on the market in Singapore.

If you are expecting a child or are simply looking for an alternative to the diapers you are currently using for your baby, these tips for finding the best and most comfortable ones will help.

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  1. Check if there is a wetness indicator

    Frazzled parents are not an uncommon sight as life can get hectic when it comes to learning the ropes of taking care of a newborn. Luckily, many baby diapers now come with a wetness indicator which will turn the line from one colour to another to alert parents it is time for a diaper change. It is a nifty feature that reacts to exposure to liquid so you never have to worry about changing the diaper too early or accidentally waiting till it starts overflowing.

  2. Go for adjustable tabs

    Baby diapers typically come with either adjustable straps or an elastic waistband to cater to different needs. However, it is advisable to go for the ones with adjustable straps, especially during the newborn phase since it gives you more control over the fit to prevent leakages. They also make peeking to check if it is time for a diaper change easier. Baby diapers with elastic waistbands are generally more challenging to manipulate when putting on and are recommended for older kids who are able to move more freely.

  3. Look out for the diaper size

    Pay attention to the sizing information indicated on the packaging when choosing baby diapers. There will usually be size recommendations based on your baby’s weight but keep in mind that these are just a guide and can defer according to your child’s growth. It is best to weigh your baby before purchasing and avoid stocking up on diapers in the same size to prevent wastage since babies tend to outgrow them quickly. Only go one size bigger when the diapers have become too tight for your baby.

  4. Try diapers from at least two brands

    Trial and error is inevitable during the first few months after your baby is born, as it will take new parents a while to figure out which brand and type of diapers work best. Consider trying baby diapers from at least two different brands to evaluate their effectiveness, absorbency, comfort, stretchability and fit. Once you have decided on the best option, it should be safe for you to continue purchasing from the same brand as your baby grows.

  5. Ask for recommendations

    Oftentimes, word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow parents can be even more reliable than reading reviews posted online since you know these people personally. Family and friends who have had children usually have a baby diapers brand they swear by, so this will be extra helpful if you are a first-time parent who has no idea where to start. This also means you will be able to save money you would otherwise have to spend on trial and error.

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Keep these tips in mind when shopping for baby diapers in Singapore and the process will be a breeze! 

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