5 Wet Tissue Uses You Probably Did Not Think Of

5 Wet Tissue Uses You Probably Did Not Think Of - Kyndle

When you hear the words “wet tissue”, the first thought that comes to mind is probably to use it to wipe your hands before or after a meal. 

However, wet tissues do so much more than just remove dirt and grime from your hands! Here are five wet tissue uses that you probably did not think of, but will be useful in your everyday life. 

Read on to find out more.

  1. Can be used on the face

    Certain wet tissues can double up as facial wet wipes so you can use them to freshen up after a long day in Singapore’s humid weather. These wet wipes will come in handy to keep you sweat-free till you get home, especially after a workout session in the gym or spending hours in the sun.

    But take note that some wet tissues may contain synthetic fragrances which can irritate sensitive facial skin, so it is important to look for those that are made with all-natural ingredients or contain 100% pure water.

  2. Clean yourself while on your period

    Every woman understands the struggle of changing their sanitary pads in a public restroom while on their period but wet tissues will save the day. Instead of using the dry toilet paper provided, using wet tissues to wipe yourself down during that time of the month while you are out and about ensures that you feel clean and fresh down there all day long.

    Again, make sure you choose wet tissues that do not contain synthetic fragrances or harmful ingredients like alcohol and parabens to prevent irritating your delicate areas and causing an infection.

  3. For outdoor activities

    Planning to go on a picnic or want to try out camping? Remember to bring some wet tissues along! They can be used to wipe cutleries down before and after use, even if water is not readily available outdoors.

    Additionally, wet tissues do a great job at cleaning tables and chairs so you never have to worry about unsanitary dining areas and are convenient to use since you will not have to wash them like you would with reusable cloths.

  4. Wipe your bums after going number two

    It is a known fact that wet tissues are more effective at cleaning compared to standard, dry toilet paper. Hence, you may want to consider using them to clean yourself up after going number two in public toilets where a bidet may not always be available.

    Parents with young children who have not been potty trained or the elderly who have mobility difficulties and find it challenging to bend will also benefit from wet tissues.

  5. Can be used on your body

    While it is a dream to be able to take a shower every few hours no thanks to Singapore’s all year round hot weather, it is, unfortunately, not feasible. Thankfully, wet tissues that you can bring out with you will help to rejuvenate your skin on a hot day.

    Simply whip a piece out and wipe your body down after sweating and you will find that your skin feels soft and smooth. This is the perfect perk-me-up to keep you motivated for the rest of the day!

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