Bringing Your Business To Greater Heights With Kyndle's Total Solution Service

Bringing Your Business To Greater Heights With Kyndle's Total Solution Service

In this day and age where everything is just a click away, online shopping has literally changed the face of retail shopping. Gone are the days when it was absolutely necessary to visit physical stores to purchase goods as online stores are now the go-to options. But as buyers’ expectations of the online marketplace continue to rise, many retailers scramble to keep up as well. 

Online retailers want a one-stop solution, a place where buyers can research and compare products, get the latest information regarding these products as well as the option to purchase them directly. This is exactly what Kyndle offers with superior technology, tools and content that businesses can adapt to build a better client experience. Here are some reasons why you should choose Kyndle as your e-commerce total solutions provider. 

A One-Stop Solution

Being a total solution provider, Kyndle offers businesses an integrated solution, reliable appointed channel and distribution partners in Singapore so you don’t have to worry about anything. By providing a complete solution, Kyndle improves your online presence to retain and attract potential customers and clients with the best-in-class solutions, technology, media planning, marketing, distribution and everything in between. Our services serve as a one-stop solution for companies that are looking to scale their business. 

Channel Management 

Channel management is the different marketing and sales strategies your company uses to reach and satisfy the needs and wants of your target market. At Kyndle, we know the importance of selling on different online platforms and navigating through these online marketplaces and sales channels can be a huge hassle and inconvenient process. 

 By consolidating the different online shopping platforms into a single unified ecommerce platform, we make selling convenient and effortless for businesses. Utilizing technology that supports seamless integration over different platforms, Kyndle takes your business a step further by managing these sales channels, increasing your business’s online brand visibility and awareness to where your potential buyers may be. You can choose from these different channel management services provided to grow your business.

  • Official store management
  • Product listing
  • Content creation
  • Campaign participation
  • Traffic to your store/products
  • Increase clickthrough rates
  • Improve conversion rates
A One-Stop Solution unified ecommerce platform

Warehouse Fulfilment Service

Businesses can be rest assured that all order fulfilment completed at Kyndle is done with high precision and in a timely manner, promising an improved customer experience journey for your clients. By ensuring your products reach your clients in the quickest way possible, we have created an e-commerce supply chain ecosystem that integrates major marketplaces and online retailers. 

Being Shopee’s and Lazada’s Certified Enablers, Kyndle’s standards are in line with the biggest e-commerce platforms in Singapore. By offering the highest standards of ecommerce warehouse fulfilment services for your business, our system also helps in preventing mistakes even before they happen as our distribution logistics partners are trained to fulfil the right orders at the right time. Some of our warehouse fulfilment services include:

  • Warehousing and storage
  • Order fulfilment
  • Product bundling
  • Quality checks
  • Environmental packaging

Last-mile Delivery

Last mile delivery involves the delivery process from the warehouse or the port to the final destination. With Kyndle’s appointed delivery partners, businesses are ensured fast door-to-door next day delivery and customers will be always notified about the location of their parcels with tracking visibility and pre-alert texts. The last-mile delivery solution also allows your customers to experience a quicker and hassle-free buying experience. 

At Kyndle, we take pride in offering extensive products and services that empower your business to enhance its online presence across different e-commerce platforms. With years of brand building, logistics and e-commerce channel management experiences, our team is highly trained to take your business to a whole new level. Contact Kyndle, a total solutions provider to know more today