Tried & Tested Ways To Differentiate Between Pure & Fake Essential Oils

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Essential oils are known for their health benefits such as boosting one’s mood, improving sleep quality and reducing feelings of anxiety. 

Alas, there are also fake essential oils on the market that may contain toxic ingredients like carcinogens and respiratory allergens that are harmful to your health. This is why being able to differentiate between fake and pure essential oils is important as it will help you to ensure you reap the benefits rather than do yourself harm. 

Keep these tried and tested ways to discern pure essential oils from fake ones in mind before you go ahead to purchase an essential oil for diffuseror diffuser to start your aromatherapy journey. 

Read on to find out more. 

1. Pure essential oils are always stored in dark bottles

One of the easiest ways to spot pure essential oil is by looking at the bottle it comes in. Only purchase one that comes stored in a dark bottle (mostly amber) as it protects the essential oil from UV rays, light and heat that can cause the oil to degrade. 

2. Pure essential oils are stored in glass bottles

Apart from paying attention to the colour of the bottle, make sure you look out for the material as well. Pure essential oils are typically stored in glass amber bottles and not plastic, as the chemical compounds in essential oils do not mix well with plastic and can result in it breaking down and causing leakage. 

3. Pure essential oils are harvested directly from plants

Unlike fake essential oils that are synthetically manufactured in labs, pure ones are harvested and extracted directly from plants. Hence, the labels of pure essential oils often contain the phrase “100% pure and natural”. On the other hand, if the label of essential oil contains “fragrance”, then it is highly likely that it is not pure. 

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4. Pure essential oils do not leave a greasy feeling

Rubbing some essential oil between your fingers is another way to find out if it is pure - if you feel that it leaves behind a greasy feeling - then it is likely that it has been mixed with a carrier oil. Carrier oil adds a silky texture which is why masseurs mix it with essential oils when giving a massage to reduce friction but if you are looking for pure essential oils, then choose those that do not feel oily. 

5. Pure essential oils do not leave a stain on paper

This purity test is another easy way to find out if an essential oil is pure or fake. Simply place a drop of essential oil onto a piece of white paper and let it dry - if a ring of oil is there after a while, then it means that it is not pure. However, it is worth taking note that certain essential oils such as sandalwood are heavier in consistency and may leave a slight stain but they should not be oily to the touch. 

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