What Is A Certified E-Commerce Enabler & Why It Matters To Sellers

What Is A Certified E-Commerce Enabler & Why It Matters To Sellers

In the online world, eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide and due to Covid-19, eCommerce platforms have become the new norm, widely preferred by consumers and sellers. With an estimation of over 2 billion e-shoppers worldwide, future developments like online shopping are made possible anywhere and everywhere.

However, some small retailers find the online marketplace challenging as they lack the necessary resources required to grow. So, they choose to sell on bigger eCommerce platforms called third-party vendors. But since these vendors may not be total solution providers, smaller retailers will not get to reap the full benefits of selling online.

What is an eCommerce enabler?

An eCommerce enabler is a total solution provider that offers businesses and brands end-to-end services, such as digital marketing strategies, website optimisation, customer service, warehousing, order fulfillment, shop operations, listing management, as well as shipment and distribution. This complete suite allows businesses to operate successfully through eCommerce platforms in Singapore like Shopee and Lazada. They are also certified by these eCommerce platforms as they have a proven track record of delivering outstanding services and are strategically growing the brands under these platforms’ management.

What does an eCommerce enabler do?

  • Product and Order Management - a certified eCommerce enabler would handle the entire listing and pricing of the products. They keep a constant track of any ongoing promos by checking it against other platforms as well and with their own warehouse, these enablers can reduce the order processing time with quick response and efficient delivery.

  • Online Store Management - the enablers would handle daily operations, online promotions and vouchers to boost sales and build up your brand’s awareness online through the different online channel management systems.

  • Customer Support - eCommerce enablers would have their own team of experts to manage the ever demanding needs of your customers. With the increase in customer satisfaction, you would be able to strengthen and enhance your brand image.

  • Generate and Manage Reports - all businesses rely on reports and data to increase their brand presence and profitability. To check the status of your business, a detailed analysis of reports is required. Experienced eCommerce enablers would be able to skillfully make improvements to your brand and present the required data required to grow in this competitive landscape..

For business owners who are looking to leverage the online marketplace, here are some benefits of working with certified eCommerce enablers, like Kyndle:

ecommerce channel management warehouse manager

  1. From supply chain management, inventory management, order distribution and customer service, Kyndle handles everything. We even customise strategies based on your specific business goals and needs. For brands with 0 experience in handling their operations online, Kyndle will also manage your day-to-day business operations based on our experience in handling unified eCommerce platforms.

  2. Kyndle is certified by the biggest eCommerce platforms in Singapore - Shopee and Lazada to be a Certified eCommerce Enabler. On top of that, with our amazing record of working with different businesses and our wide experience in handling different channel managements in Singapore, we can take your business to a whole new level online.

  3. Certified enablers will be ranked by Shopee and Lazada based on their quarterly  performance into 4 different tiers (Premium, Certified, Certified - Operations only, Certified - Engagement only) and only the best will be ranked as Premium. With this ranking, you can choose to continue working with them or even engage their services.

Aligning your business needs with an eCommerce enabler is a smart choice if you are planning to move your business online. They are cost-effective and work around the key principles of your brand. eCommerce enablers can also generate high revenue quickly, based on your detailed analysis of business reports and their experience in handling the online marketplace.

To know more about the benefits of working with a certified eCommerce enabler in Singapore, do contact Kyndle, the total solution provider today.