What to expect for the year end sales in 2021?

What to expect for the year end sales in 2021? - Kyndle

What to expect for the year end sales in 2021?

Online sales during the 2020 holiday season is a closed chapter. In just one year, most retailers have seen two years of e-commerce growth. The pandemic had laid the foundation for new shopping behaviors, while pent up consumer demand, a desire for normalcy, and something to celebrate, built momentum. The nation’s push for digitization further accelerated this growth.

With all the Cashback, Free Deliveries, Bank and seller sponsored vouchers being aggressively dangled, it is no wonder why the appeal of online shopping is ongoing. Coupled with growing consumer confidence and Covid-19 uncertainties in some areas, online sales is expected to edge up further in 2021.

As we look ahead to the 2021 year end sales season, trends indicate that it is essential for businesses to be ready to respond to consumer needs. Some have projected that this could well be the busiest holiday season yet.

Consumer confidence has been growing. And while some have been returning to in-person shopping, online purchasing habits have been cemented, making digital engagement essential to make the most of the season. Now is the time to ensure you have the solutions in place to respond to this surge in demand.

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