Lily Essential Oil 20ml
Lily Essential Oil 20ml
Lily Essential Oil 20ml

Lily Essential Oil 20ml

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KYNDLE Plant Scented Essential Oil 

100% Pure & Natural Essential oil.
Natural extracted from flowers, trees, and fruits through plant-friendly harvesting methods.
Product of Singapore

Usage Directions:
  • Use with an air purifier, air humidifier, aroma diffuser, oil burner, or any water-based equipment.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Add approximately 2 drops of Essential Oil per 100ml of clean water.

The lily oil extract is from the Lilium auratum plant. Discover the sensation of spring with the scent as it envelopes you with floral grace and elegance with notes of hyacinth & jasmine.
Other than its floral fragrance, it is also known to alleviate negative feelings and increase happiness.

Relieves Insomnia
Supports mental and emotional well being